And…I dropped off into oblivion

Last I said I was getting ready to sell some stuff right.  I haven’t even gotten all of that completed.  I feel like I haven’t sat down for a moment to think about it or list them all.  I have also decided that I am going to get rid of my acrylic and nicer yarns.  I need to purge and I need to do it soon.  I cannot handle all this mess in my life.  I have nowhere to put anything.   Spring cleaning here I come!

I put the needles down

Yes, that’s right I did. I put them down but I plan to pick the back up in march. My BFF had her baby girl almost a whole month early which threw a monkey wrench in my plans. Now I have to figure out how many rows I need to complete each week to have the blanket done by April.

I am also about to unload some major stash. I can’t take my office clutter anymore so the unused yarn and craft supplies must go. I will post the yarn here and on my ravelry to unload. Let me know if any of you are interested. Look for it to start in March.