I sold something

I finally sold my spinning skull stitch markers.

I made them back in February and sold the last Thursday. So I think it’s time to get back into my office and create some more items because the shop is looking bare.

And…I dropped off into oblivion

Last I said I was getting ready to sell some stuff right.  I haven’t even gotten all of that completed.  I feel like I haven’t sat down for a moment to think about it or list them all.  I have also decided that I am going to get rid of my acrylic and nicer yarns.  I need to purge and I need to do it soon.  I cannot handle all this mess in my life.  I have nowhere to put anything.   Spring cleaning here I come!

I put the needles down

Yes, that’s right I did. I put them down but I plan to pick the back up in march. My BFF had her baby girl almost a whole month early which threw a monkey wrench in my plans. Now I have to figure out how many rows I need to complete each week to have the blanket done by April.

I am also about to unload some major stash. I can’t take my office clutter anymore so the unused yarn and craft supplies must go. I will post the yarn here and on my ravelry to unload. Let me know if any of you are interested. Look for it to start in March.

Progress! Oh yes!




I have actually made it through one chart repeat of the sprout blanket. I need to update my pictures. However; I didn’t want to go another day without posting.

The pattern has been easy to read although I forgot some of the stitches. That’s was easy enough though. I just watch YouTube and I’m off. And running again.

What are you all working on?

I’d like to know.

Baby Blanket On The Way

photo (2)

I finally found a pattern to make for my BFF’s baby.  It’s called the The Sprout Blanket if you use Ravelry feel free to take a peak at it.   I’m excited to get started.  I’ve already completed the cast on and the foundation rows.  Now on to the pattern.  Hopefully I can post the progress weekly.   Have you all casted on any new projects?  Do you like to make large projects or small ones?  Are they simple or complicated?  I’d like to know.

O Canada!!

I added shipping to Canada to my shop today.  I have been meaning to do it since I opened.  So  now I just need to add more products.


I did just put up the Skulls and Roses earrings listing.  I am enjoying the creative process.  The last post inspired me to make these.  Like I said before once I started working with the skulls I was on a tangent.  Do you ever find yourself doing this?  Once you get going you just can’t stop.  I can lose myself for hours just working on getting the right combination.  It is all about the feel for me.



Purlessence Stitch Markers


I just added more stitch markers to my shop. They are simple pearl styled beads. I felt that they were pretty cute with the hearts dangling. What do you think?

I’m waiting for the weather to take some of the chill off so I can start knitting. I get pain in my wrist and hands when it’s really cold and Georgia reached 7 degrees this week. We are headed back to normal temps now so I should be able to get started. I need to start looking for baby blankets to knit. My BFF is due soon.

New shop product going up

I have been working on quite a few stitch markers this weekend. I also made some earrings in the process because, the stitch markers were just so cute that they begged me to become earrings. I have not taken picture of everything yet.  I did go ahead and upload what I could to my shop.  I will be adding more and more over the next few days. Here are some pictures below of what I have been able to get posted to the shop.   I am calling these beauties blue hypnosis because, they remind me of the hypnotist prop.   I think they will be beautiful on a knitting project.  Speaking of which, I just bought some yarn so I can start working on a new project.  I have the knitting bug.  I think I will make some of these for myself as well to use.