By popular demand 

A friend on Instagram asked me to draw him a minion. This is what I came up with. I’d like to say that I was finish at the time that this picture was taken but I continue to shade him.

This is my sixth time drawing a minion. I posted the third and first already. Eventually I will get it down. Drawing is familiar to me but it’s not to my satisfaction yet.

I’ve forgotten most of what was taught to me in my art classes.  Now I am watching lots of YouTube videos to relearn and be inspired.

This incomplete beauty of a catastrophe is from YouTube. It is Piccolo from Dragonball (an anime cartoon).  I watch a how to draw video and try to replicate what I see.

So until next time.  Remember to respect the process

Rise up

This is my best friend’s favorite saying. I decided to put it up in my room for inspiration. I was thinking of making these to put in my shop and I am working with different mediums trying to find the right combination.  

Time to Rise up and Grind on, on your passions. 

I can’t let go

I’m still over here drawing away.  I try to work on something at least a couple times a week. This is what I worked on yesterday and will continue to work on. 

I was looking for something to draw on my desk and decided that this shot glass and my appletv setup would work just fine. I am trying to improve my depth perception on paper. Also I need to work on poportions. 

Notice that I am the queen of shading. Translation I shade away my mistakes until I can correct them (lol).  I figure if I continue I’ll get better over time. 

So until next time.  Keep creating and never give up on your gifts.