I updated the shop with new product

So I decided to get up off my tush and update my shop.  I added some new products and already sold one.  No worries though.  I am going to have another update soon.



Moment of Zen Stitch Markers


Morning Salutations Stitch Markers

purple people eater

Apples and Oranges Stitch Markers

So I already sold the Moment of Zen stitch markers but, I am in the process of making more. http://www.etsy.com/store/luckynicoledesigns .


O Canada!!

I added shipping to Canada to my shop today.  I have been meaning to do it since I opened.  So  now I just need to add more products.


I did just put up the Skulls and Roses earrings listing.  I am enjoying the creative process.  The last post inspired me to make these.  Like I said before once I started working with the skulls I was on a tangent.  Do you ever find yourself doing this?  Once you get going you just can’t stop.  I can lose myself for hours just working on getting the right combination.  It is all about the feel for me.



Purlessence Stitch Markers


I just added more stitch markers to my shop. They are simple pearl styled beads. I felt that they were pretty cute with the hearts dangling. What do you think?

I’m waiting for the weather to take some of the chill off so I can start knitting. I get pain in my wrist and hands when it’s really cold and Georgia reached 7 degrees this week. We are headed back to normal temps now so I should be able to get started. I need to start looking for baby blankets to knit. My BFF is due soon.

New shop product going up

I have been working on quite a few stitch markers this weekend. I also made some earrings in the process because, the stitch markers were just so cute that they begged me to become earrings. I have not taken picture of everything yet.  I did go ahead and upload what I could to my shop.  I will be adding more and more over the next few days. Here are some pictures below of what I have been able to get posted to the shop.   I am calling these beauties blue hypnosis because, they remind me of the hypnotist prop.   I think they will be beautiful on a knitting project.  Speaking of which, I just bought some yarn so I can start working on a new project.  I have the knitting bug.  I think I will make some of these for myself as well to use.