Elf on the shelf scarf

A coworker has asked me all year to make this for this Christmas so I finally did. I’m not good with making patterns so this is what I did. 
Elf on the shelf scarf. 

I used Loops & Threads Woolike in ivory & red

 Knitted in size 1 sock needles.  

Cast on 6 stitches

Knit the next row in knit stitch

*Purl the first stitch, knit the next 4, purl the last stitch

Knit the first stitch, purl the next 4, knit the last stitch

Repeat from * until you reach 7 inches

Bind off

Add fringe to the ends.



By popular demand 

A friend on Instagram asked me to draw him a minion. This is what I came up with. I’d like to say that I was finish at the time that this picture was taken but I continue to shade him.

This is my sixth time drawing a minion. I posted the third and first already. Eventually I will get it down. Drawing is familiar to me but it’s not to my satisfaction yet.

I’ve forgotten most of what was taught to me in my art classes.  Now I am watching lots of YouTube videos to relearn and be inspired.

This incomplete beauty of a catastrophe is from YouTube. It is Piccolo from Dragonball (an anime cartoon).  I watch a how to draw video and try to replicate what I see.

So until next time.  Remember to respect the process

Rise up

This is my best friend’s favorite saying. I decided to put it up in my room for inspiration. I was thinking of making these to put in my shop and I am working with different mediums trying to find the right combination.  

Time to Rise up and Grind on, on your passions. 


Remember my eyes in the drawing two posts ago?  They looked like lightbulbs.  Well I’ve kept on and kept on plugging away now look at where I am!!

I also decided to draw my favorite cartoon of today Minions. Here is my second go and third go at it.  I’m still not 100% there but,  I am not done trying either. I will practice, practice, practice until I get it right.

Just wanted to drop a quick update.  So until the next time.  Respect the process and never give up on your daydream.  

I can’t let go

I’m still over here drawing away.  I try to work on something at least a couple times a week. This is what I worked on yesterday and will continue to work on. 

I was looking for something to draw on my desk and decided that this shot glass and my appletv setup would work just fine. I am trying to improve my depth perception on paper. Also I need to work on poportions. 

Notice that I am the queen of shading. Translation I shade away my mistakes until I can correct them (lol).  I figure if I continue I’ll get better over time. 

So until next time.  Keep creating and never give up on your gifts.

You make it look so easy


You make creating look so easy.  Sure I’ll just paint this.  I’ll just craft that.  Bim bam wallah art! 

Well that is until you actually try it and wind up with less than stellar results.  But I know your secret. These people have had years upon years of practice to perfect their craft.  You know what? I’m gonna do it too.  I’m going to keep going until it becomes second nature. I have your number Pinterest and I’m gonna dial it and you will answer.  


It’s Summer Time

Hi Guys,

I know I left you all hight and dry.  I am trying to figure out where to go with this site and my shop.  I’ve explored stickers, jewelry, crocheting and the list goes on.  I have ADHD when it comes to crafting so sticking with one thing for a long time is boring.  I will tell you what I do plan to do though.  I plan to purchase a silouhette in the near future and learn everything that, that baby can do.  I will take you all along with me on that journey.  Hope to see you soon 

L.N.D. Out!


Got me workin

So this weekend I decided to dust off my sewing machine.

A maxi skirt is what I am after. I am 5’9 3/4″. So as you can guess finding a skirt for a tall person is difficult so, I tried my hand at it. It is by no means perfect but, i can make it do what it do.